Excellence in embedded design

Xelentix, tmi.

Xelentix, tmi. is a small start-up company specialized in embedded systems design and digital signal processing.

We have over 20 years of experience in designing of embedded systems from simple microcontroller systems to more complex embedded Linux systems.

We have also specialized in systems for real-time digital signal processing for audio, sound level and vibration measurement systems.

Xelentix tmi. is dedicated to provide the best embedded systems development services for our customers. Our customers are small and medium-sized companies developing industrial measurement and instrumentation systems.
Tomi Saarnio
CEO, CTO, Xelentix tmi.


Xelentix, tmi. provides following services for companies around the world:

  • Design services for embedded systems design
  • Software design services for embedded systems
  • Hardware design services for embedded systems
  • Qt and Linux programming services for embedded systems
  • Analog, digital and VHDL design services for embedded systems
  • Digital signal processing design services for measurement instruments

Contact Us

Xelentix, tmi. is located in Espoo, Finland, near metropolitan area of Helsinki.

You may contact us by email or by phone: